September 18, 2013

posted Dec 15, 2013, 4:16 PM by Sacred Heart


I am writing you to welcome you the new fraternal year. I appear to be a busy and fulfilling time for all. Some of my goals for this year is to establish an Infrastructure that invites all to participate in their areas of interest. I want to build a strong charitable atmosphere, and offer our support to the Sacred Heart Parish and COMMUNITY at large.

Supporting St Andrews Regional High School will build a strong foundation for our community Youth. It is my hope that we, as a council, can consider establishing a Squire Circle this year or the next fraternal year. I want to welcome new members from ALL of our multi-diverse ethnic populations in our parish. The KNIGHT OF COLUMBUS is for all practicing catholic men to participate in the fraternal affairs, I want us to reach out our hands and welcome everyone to this wonderful order.

In the upcoming months I will enter a message outlining the goals set forth by our Executive Council. These goals will be presented to the General Business Meeting, but all are welcome to come and participate at the Executive level. These messages and goals will be posted on the website on monthly basis. I welcome all feedback and remarks.

Thank You for the work that you have done to make Sacred Heart Council 15445 a strong and viable addition to the District 1 of the Knights of Columbus. Hope to see you at the meetings and participate at the fraternal gathering after each meeting.

Vivat Jesus

Michael Bourbeau
Grand Knight